SAVOR the Flavor!

Treat yourself to world cuisine, or grab a burger and an ice-cream shake and head to a park. Bellingham is full of family owned restaurants, corner cafes, outdoor bistros, and swanky downtown locales.

Whether you're in the mood for a candle-lit table for two, or live music and an ocean view, Bellingham has what you need. Splurge for a fancy dinner on the water, or take five-bucks and grab some grub at your favorite back alley restaurant. Bellingham is definitely a good spot to indulge your taste buds, and have fun doing it. Good luck finding another city with a higher concentration of amazing places to eat!

Going to the Saturday Farmer's Market downtown is one of my favorite weekend activities, especially in the spring when the first crop of local produce hits the stands. It's one of the best places in Bellingham to people-watch, and if you're with friends, you will almost always run into a few more and maybe a professor or two (yes, they have a life outside of class!)

Zach Neuhaus
Maple Valley, Washington

Plan a visit!

  • Fresh, local raspberries put to good use!
  • Students check out food on display downtown.
  • Fine Dining in the Fairhaven district
  • Authentic Mexican cuisine in Downtown Bellingham
  • Ice Cream from Downtown Bellingham
  • A local bakery at the Bellingham Farmers Market.
  • Local veggies available in the campus dining halls
  • A wide-selection of delicious foods at the Bellingham Food Co-op
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