Out on the Town

Western students work hard by day, and even by night. It can be a nice change of pace to go to watch our Vikings Basketball squad compete for an NCAA championship, or head off campus to see a play, hit the dance-floor, or holler for your favorite band as they make their way to the stage.

Bellingham is a common stop for big name musicians traveling between Seattle and Vancouver. Each year we enjoy shows from acts like Method Man, Talib Kweli, and even Death Cab for Cutie – who actually formed their band on our campus while their lead singer studied Engineering at Western.

Bellingham is definitely more than just a college town, but it certainly caters to its large student population. Coffee shops and places to hangout are open late and you can almost always catch a concert on campus or off, then meet up with friends downtown to grab a bite, to walk along the boardwalk, or dance the night away.

Bellingham is the kind of city where you can find just about anything you are interested in. A typical Friday night with my friends would be going out for gelato in Fairhaven then heading over to Kendrick's for a round of pool.

Christina Curtis
Bremerton, Washington

Plan a visit!

  • Rockin' out at the Old Foundry
  • Smooth
  • Vikings!? at the Cody Rivers Show
  • Spoken word
  • Reggae night with DJ Yogoman
  • EndFair with DJ Vice Versa
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