Academic Programs

Academic excellence, personal attention

Western is nationally recognized for providing a quality academic experience. Students receive a solid grounding in the liberal arts and sciences before specializing in any of our 160+ majors, which include business, science, engineering, education, social sciences, environmental science, humanities, the arts, and more. 

Students interested in pursuing medicine, dentistry, law, physical therapy and additional specialties, can take part in Western’s pre-professional pathways (e.g. Pre-Med and Pre-Law). Pre-Professional Pathways are not offered as majors at Western, or at most other universities, but can be incorporated into or taken alongside any degree-granting major offered at Western to provide the background necessary for graduate school admission. 

Western students also have the option to design their own majors within several of our colleges including Fairhaven College of Interdisciplinary Studies, which focuses on making interdisciplinary connections and commitment to social justice. 

Why Western?

Western is nationally recognized for overall value, academic quality, and student outcomes. With a strong focus on undergraduates, we involve students in research, scholarship, and creative endeavors across a wide range of disciplines. Our class sizes are small enough to foster one-on-one student-faculty interactions, making it easy to build close-knit relationships with your professors. While professors are extensively engaged in innovative research, they primarily choose Western for the opportunity to teach.