Local Flavor

Out for a slice of pizza with friends or in need of a quiet space to study, the perfect nook is minutes from campus.

Study Space Underground Coffee House


Whether you're searching for a place to grab a meal with friends and family, late-night delivery, or a candle-lit dinner for two, Bellingham provides excellent cuisine. You’ll find that restaurants in Bellingham use lots of local ingredients drawn from Whatcom County’s thriving agriculture (for berry-lovers, Whatcom County is the #1 producer of raspberries in the nation!). Within a ten-minute bus ride, students can order steaming Thai noodles, gourmet burgers or drive-through classics, bowls of chowder at the Community Food Co-Op, fresh rolls at one of six sushi houses, wood-fired pizza, and so many more excellent dishes that it will take at least four years to explore them all.


Bellingham is a coffee lover’s paradise, and no one knows coffee like college students. You won’t find a Starbucks on every corner—local cafés got there first. Many coffee shops come equipped with on-site bakeries and bistros, keeping you fed through all-day study sessions. Tony’s Coffee, winner of America’s best Espresso at the Seattle Coffee Fest, is located in Bellingham and supplies Western’s numerous on-campus coffee stops. Students and Bellinghamsters alike treat cafés like their homes: talk, study, meet new friends and reconnect with old ones.

Colin Bronsdon
Seattle, WA
A little known fact about B-Ham is that there are a ton of breakfast shops and they are all fabulous.

Something Sweet

You don’t have to travel far from campus to satisfy your sweet tooth. Bellingham boasts hand-crafted ice creams in exotic flavors, decadent cakes, Italian-style gelato, fresh donuts, and gourmet chocolates. With gluten-free and vegan options, treat yourself to a bite of sweet perfection!