COVID-19 Admissions Information

We know you can't visit us in person right now, and want to make it easy to navigate your way through Western's offerings and processes.

In consideration of the disruptions and confusion caused by COVID-19, we've put this page together to help. If you can't find the information you're looking for here, please don't hesitate to reach out.

Frequently Asked Questions

Please note that the below FAQs are specifically related to visit programs, admission, and enrollment. Additional FAQs for other departments can be found elsewhere, including for campus housing and dining, financial aid, orientation, and university operations

Admissions Staff and Operations

In an effort to practice social distancing, a proactive and community-minded response to slowing the spread of COVID-19, the Office of Admissions is unable to meet with in-person visitors at this time. However, Admissions staff are still available to answer your questions! Reach us Monday through Friday at 360-650-3440 and, or feel free to schedule a video chat with an Admissions Counselor at any time. We'd love to hear from you! We also encourage you to reach out to your territory admissions counselor directly.

The Office of Admissions will keep the Admissions visit website up to date with the latest scheduling information. Major impacts to campus operations are also posted on the Admissions website and the WWU home page.

Yes! Our staff are still available to help you with any questions or problems you may have. Staff may not be on site at this time, but are working remotely on a regular schedule. Reach us Monday through Friday at 360-650-3440 and, or feel free to schedule a video chat with an Admissions Counselor at any time. We'd love to hear from you! We also encourage you to reach out to your territory admissions counselor directly.

Campus Visits and College Fairs

Yes! You can explore our Virtual Tours and Connections page, and feel free to schedule a video chat with an Admissions Counselor at any time.

We hope to resume campus visits in the fall, and will notify students as soon as visit dates become available. The Office of Admissions will update the Campus Visit webpage with the latest visit information. You can sign up now to get notified when campus visits resume.

Yes. Western has suspended all of our travel to college fairs and high schools through the spring.

You are strongly advised not to come to campus to help us ensure the safety of our campus community and of you. Please consider one of our virtual options instead. Western's campus is currently open to the public, however many buildings and offices are closed to the public in an effort to practice social distancing and slow the spread of COVID-19. You can view the latest campus updates, including building closures here.

Enrollment Confirmation

We have moved our fall quarter enrollment confirmation priority date from May 1 to June 1. We are committed to working with every student and family that needs additional time.

Please note that the enrollment confirmation date is not a deadline at Western; it is a priority processing date for us to begin working with students and families on important next steps in the transition to college, such as awarding of financial aid, scheduling an orientation, advising and registration appointment, and finalizing on-campus housing preferences.

We will continue to welcome enrollment confirmations received after June 1. If you were awarded a scholarship by the Office of Admissions, your scholarship will not be affected by confirming after May 1.

The enrollment confirmation priority deadline has not been adjusted for future terms at this time, and remains May 1.

While Western's $300 confirmation fee is usually non-refundable at Western, it was refundable through June 15 for fall 2020 term. Currently, special circumstances and/or cases of hardship are being considered on an individual basis (email inquiries to

First-year students are still able to submit their deferral request after June 1 and will be considered on a case by case basis leading up to the beginning of the Fall 2020 term. Please review and submit the Deferral Request Form as soon as you have a plan.

Orientation and First-Year Programs

New first-year and transfer students entering Western during fall quarter 2020 will be offered academic advising and campus orientation through personalized online advising sessions and virtual events. Learn more.

First Year Interest Groups (FIGs) are an opportunity for students to take the same GURs and pair them with a two-credit seminar course in a cohort model. These clusters of courses are great to pre-register for, and are a way to explore different courses while building community. Each FIG has 25 students and are designed for incoming first year students with less than 45 credits.

Unfortunately, FIGs are currently only for first-year students.

You are able to sign up for FIGs in advance and during Fall Advising and Orientation. To pre-register, visit the WWU FIG's website. Advisors will also provide more information about FIGs during Fall Advising & Orientation.

Fall Quarter Plan

Fall quarter will begin September 23, as originally scheduled.

Regarding In-Person Courses

In May, Western’s Fall Academic Planning Group recommended a hybrid model of instruction with most classes offered remotely and approximately 20% of classes offered in person. Unfortunately, since that time infection rates have increased locally, throughout the state of Washington, and in many states around the country. It appears that our nation is in the midst of a significant increase in COVID-19 cases, and it will take time to reverse the trend.

In response to the growing number of cases in our state, Gov. Jay Inslee recently extended the pause on counties advancing phases under the state’s Safe Start plan indefinitely, and public health officials are concerned that we will face an even greater spike in infections if we don’t take action now to limit the spread of COVID-19 among our students, faculty and staff, and in our local communities.

Given the alarming rise in the number of cases regionally and nationally, we have made the difficult decision – along with many other institutions in Washington and across the nation – to review our face-to-face classes for fall and move most of them to a remote environment, with limited exceptions for some experiential courses that can be taught safely in-person, such as applied performance classes and some hands-on labs. We now expect to offer 8-10% of our classes in person during the fall quarter.

We made this decision with the health and safety of our students, faculty, and staff foremost in our minds, and that principle will continue to guide us going forward. We hope that making the decision at this time, well ahead of the start of fall quarter, allows you to make appropriate arrangements.

Read the entire fall quarter update

We understand that sometimes you need a little help paying your tuition bill. Beginning this fall term, Western will offer a monthly tuition payment plan. Payment plans offer convenient, manageable ways to pay your tuition in monthly installments, rather than a single, larger lump-sum payment. On Western's Student Business Office website, more details will be provided regarding how payment plans can assist you in paying your college expenses.

New first-year and Running Start students for Fall 2020 will register during the Fall Advising & Orientation program on the date of their session. First-year and Running Start students are required to attend Fall Advising & Orientation. 

New transfer and post-baccalaureate students will register as a part of the Transitions program on the date of their session. For students who do not attend Transitions, their next opportunity to register will be during Phase II Registration on Tuesday, September 8, 2020.  

SAT/ACT Scores

Yes, we encourage you to apply as soon as possible as we are waiving the test score requirement in response to testing day cancellations. Please reach out to us if you have specific questions about your circumstance or situation.

Western will not require test scores for students applying for 2021 (winter, spring, or fall), but will consider them if submitted. No decisions on test score requirements have yet been made for future terms (e.g. 2022 and beyond)



Western will not convert “Pass” or “Credit” to a letter grade, nor will we use it to calculate it into the grade point average.

If a school or district changes the grading to Pass/No Pass or Credit/No Credit this will not affect your admission to Western, nor will it have a negative impact on scholarships awarded by the Office of Admissions. We will continue to work with district and school representatives to determine when the change in grading policy took place, and how that information will be featured on transcripts at the time they are submitted with applications for admission.

Western will not convert “Pass” or “Credit” to a letter grade, nor will we use it to calculate it into the grade point average.

AP/IB/Cambridge Credits

We applaud students for taking advanced courses and appreciate the hard work students have put into their coursework and exam preparation. With one exception, Western will award the same credit for AP exams taken in 2020 as in previous years.* Please review our AP Credit Table for exam-specific details about credit awarding and course placement.

* BC Calculus has slight modifications because it lacks an AB subscore

We recognize the hard work students have put into their IB courses and in preparing for the IB diploma. Although exams have been cancelled, IBO will continue to award diplomas, certificates and numerical grades at the subject level. Western will award the same credit for IB in 2020 as in previous years based on the official Transcript of Grades provided by IBO. Please review our IB Credit Table for exam-specific details.

Although exams have been cancelled, Cambridge will continue to award certificates using other assessment methods. Western will award the same credit for A and AS-level exams regardless of how grades are assessed, once official results are received. Please review our policy for additional details.

Housing & Dining