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The Multicultural Center

Ethnic Student Center logo: hands of many skin colors grasping each-other in a ring

Through the advocacy work of Western students, the Multicultural Center opened in 2019 and allowed for an expansion of Ethnic Student Center (ESC), the Student Advocacy and Identity Resource Centers (SAIRC) and more. The ESC is made up of 19 different clubs all working together to Affirm identities, Build a sense of community and Cultivate leadership. For over 30 years the ESC has been home away from home for many students of Color on Western's campus.

19 ESC Clubs Look Inside the MCC Contact the ESC

AS Clubs

Western has more than 250 student-run clubs. Whether you're into bees, Among Us, Star Wars, or random acts of kindness, there's something for everyone here. Make friends! Try new things!

The Outdoor Center

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The Outdoor Center offers all kinds of outdoor adventures on and off campus. Learn a new skill, take a backpacking adventure, or get your bike fixed in the on-campus bike shop. Don't want to pack all your gear with you to college? You can rent some here!

Visit the Outdoor Center

Western LGBTQ+

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Looking to connect with Western’s LGBTQ+ community? LGBTQ+ Western is here for you with all manner of information, resources, advocacy and celebration! Want to join a club? There are seven different LGBTQ+ clubs to explore, from the Queer Eco Justice club to the Queer and Trans People of Color club to Western Gaymers.

LGBTQ+ Resources

Hear From Our Students

Maddie is standing on campus wearing a blue dress and smiling at the camera.
Graciela is standing on campus wearing a striped shirt and smiling at the camera.
Grant smiling and standing in front of Bond Hall
Austin is standing outdoors on campus and smiling; he is wearing a grey shirt.
Liz is standing outside on campus with trees behind her. She is smiling and wearing a white blouse.
Several students are huddled together, smiling. Most of them are wearing blue and/or Western attire. One student is holding a bullhorn, and there is a banner reading "Home of the Vikings" behind them.

Follow along on @OurWestern to see an authentic slice of student life. Come meet your classmates! Want to do your own takeover? Just DM us.

A Snapchat QR code that leads to @WWUadmissions

Questions about Western? DM us @WWUAdmissions anytime; we won’t leave you on read.


A screenshot from Minecraft. There is a Viking longboat with a dragon on the figurehead at the bow of the boat. The sail is blue and white striped.

Come play Minecraft on the server made for WWU students by WWU students. Use the command "/pw Marketplace" to jump to the action!

Raccoon Fact

Emoji of a raccoon

The English word raccoon comes from the Powhatan word aroughcun, which means "animal that scratches with its hands."