Space for students wishing to pursue a second bachelor's degree or teaching certification is limited, and therefore admission is competitive. Proposed program of study, preparation for major, cumulative academic record, related experience, space availability and clarity of academic and career goals are the most important factors considered in the application review. All post-baccalaureate students are required to submit a Statement of Purpose with their application that addresses long-term goals, courses needed, and other qualifying information.

Many post-baccalaureate students will find their educational needs can be met through enrollment options offered through Outreach and Continuing Education Programs and Summer Programs or Western’s program for non-matriculated students.

Returning Western students

Post-baccalaureate applicants who earned their first degree at Western and are prepared for their proposed plan of studies are granted readmission priority. A student may earn from Western only one of each type of degree offered (BA, BS, BAE, BFA, BMus). A student who has already earned a baccalaureate degree from Western Washington University may enroll to earn a different type of undergraduate degree associated with a different major.