Special Circumstances

Readmission for academically dismissed students

Students who have been dismissed for low scholarship can apply for reinstatement after demonstrating their readiness for academic success. Factors considered in determining reinstatement may include measure of academic aptitude, lapse of time since dismissal, change of major goals, nature of academic or other experience since dismissal or extenuating circumstances.

Responsibility for reinstatement rests with the faculty Scholastic Standing Committee. A printable Scholastic Reinstatement Petition as well as detailed instructions and deadlines are available on the Academic Advising website.

Fresh Start: for students returning after an absence of five years

A former Western student who returns to the University after an absence of five years or more may be given permission to start a new cumulative grade average. The Fresh Start application deadline is the end of the first week of the quarter in which the student returns. The application should be submitted to the Registrar's Office. Students who have been dropped for low scholarship, even if absent for five years or more, must pursue reinstatement.

Students returning from military leave

The returning student application fee may be waived for students who are returning following their United States military service. Contact the Veterans Affairs Coordinator for details.

Outreach and Continuing Education students

Former Western Outreach and Continuing Education students returning to the same Western Washington University Outreach and Continuing Education program can complete the Returning Student Application [pdf] and submit it with the application fee.

Outreach and Continuing Education students returning with a plan to change their academic program must apply as a new transfer or post-baccalaureate student through the Office of Admissions.