Armando Ortiz

photo of Armando Ortiz


In my free time, I love to do photography, play soccer, enjoy cars, listen to music, go adventuring, or just hang out with some friends! I love exploring Bellingham with friends and always finding cool and unique places!


Manufacturing and Supply Chain Management


Bellevue, WA

Why I chose Western

When I first stepped foot onto Western’s campus, I fell in love with the scenery and community here. Everyone I met was incredibly friendly and open to getting to know me and help answer all of my questions and concerns, which I truly valued. The campus itself is gorgeous, and Bellingham is the perfect college town, in my opinion. Surrounded by an abundance of hikes, scenic drives, unique food and coffee shops, I just fell in love with the city, and I knew that I would enjoy spending my next four years here.

What I like most about Western

My favorite thing about Western is the community. In my experience, Western is full of friendly and passionate people that are all open to having a conversation and accomplishing amazing things, as well as helping build each other up. I have personally received so much support and inspiration to follow some ambitious goals from many of my peers, and I love to reciprocate that same support whenever I get the chance. Western is full of incredibly talented people, and seeing everyone come together to see each other succeed is one of my favorite things about being a student here.