Ashley Bobowski

photo of Ashley Bobowski


Human Services
Minors in Sociology and Sport Psychology


Glennallen, AK

What I'm passionate about and why

While I would like to pick an altruistic response to this question, I think the most honest is that I am ridiculously passionate about food. I plan my days around meals and will go out of my way to create or grab something I am craving. I also believe that food is one of the greatest ways to bring people together and build bridges to new friendships.

Why I chose my major

I chose my major because I value its commitment to social and economic justice, human dignity and desire to facilitate change. I want to collaborate with a wide variety of individuals, and I appreciate that this program creates a strong foundation of skills and teaches in an empathic way. I strongly believe that the health of a community starts with the well-being of its people, and I hope to one-day work with and provide support to our youngest community members.

My advice for incoming or prospective students

Don’t struggle in silence!! I know it sounds cliché, but there are so many people and programs here to support you. Also, make sure you take time for yourself. I highly recommend scheduling out time to recharge the brain and to take mental health breaks when needed. Pro tip: relax in between classes by checking out WWU’s planetarium or by grabbing a yummy snack to enjoy while strolling through the arboretum.