Audrey Wheelock (she/her)

photo of Audrey Wheelock


Political Science, Minors in International Business and Honors Interdisciplinary Studies


Vancouver, WA

Why I chose Western

I loved the campus and Bellingham in general. The area is so beautiful and there are always lots of things to do outside, regardless of the season. I liked the small class sizes Western, and specifically the Honors college offered. I learn best through discussion-based classes, so that was very appealing. Western was also generous with financial aid, so it was the best value for my money.

Why I chose my major

Look at the major catalogs and reach out to advisors early. You can find out the exact requirements for whatever majors you're interested in and talk to an advisor for advice, even if you haven't applied yet. If you're able to, take AP or IB courses. Western is very generous with giving credit for those types of courses, and it's helpful to use high school classes to get some of the basic intro courses out of the way, so you have more time to explore different majors.

An experience or class at Western that made me go "Wow!"

As part of the International Affairs Association, I've gotten to travel to Model United Nations conferences around the country and meet students from around the world. Debating current issues and events with other passionate students has been very inspiring.