Bri Lubinski (she/her)

photo of Bri Lubinski


Rock climbing, biking, hiking, folk music, bad movies, and rocks


English with Creative Writing Emphasis and Spanish, Minor in Honors Interdisciplinary Studies


Ellensburg, WA

What I like most about Western

With the amount of clubs, classes, and events, it feels like there’s a community and a home for everyone at WWU, no matter their identity or interests.

Why I chose my major

Language (be it English, Spanish, or any other) is an amazing skill to have in your repertoire, and it aids in expanding one of the most important human enterprises: communication!

My advice for incoming or prospective students

It’s okay to not know what you want to do with your future! If you do know your major already, that’s amazing, but if you don’t, I promise you’re not alone – and finding a road (or roads) to follow is what college is for.