Chase Jackson

Chase StAR Photo


History & Social Studies
Minor in Latin American Studies


Camas, WA

What I like most about Western

I love the vibes of our campus. Walking around here, it's hard to be stressed when you have the feeling that nature is always present around you. Every day is beautiful in a unique way, and there are so many cool hidden spots around campus to come across. I find it easy to turn everyday life into an adventure, which keeps me motivated to push through my classes and everything else. Furthermore, I feel that the students and faculty here at Western complement these vibes; it feels as though most people want to do good in the world and believe in sustainability. I love Western!

My advice for incoming or prospective students

Reach out to advisers in your first quarter and go to office hours! Even if you have a vague interest in something make a point to meet the advisers for that department. They will answer any questions you have, no matter how vague or silly you think they are. They'll help you work towards your dreams, or even build new dreams you didn't even know possible! Professors, too, can be great advisers. Office hours aren't just for help with assignments. Your professors' knowledge extends far beyond course content; they can be key in helping you find what you want to do, and how to do it. You're here to make your future what you want it to look like, so don't hesitate to access all resources necessary (like advisors and professors) in working to shape it.

Why I chose my major

I realized I was a history nerd back in 3rd grade when I first played a game called Civilization III. At times, I would spend more time reading articles from the "Civilopedia" on empires, world leaders, world wonders, and more, than I would actually playing the game. In school, I loved learning about different places, people, and times, so it was a more-or-less simple decision to continue studying these in college. I've also always known I wanted to be a teacher, hence the "/Social Studies" part of my major, which is mostly for people who want to teach secondary education. With that said, it may not surprise you that I want to become a high school history teacher after I graduate!