Claudia Cooper

Claudia StAR Photo


Visual Journalism


Delafield, WI

What I like most about Bellingham

As someone who wanted to live in a larger city but also loves being in the great outdoors, Bellingham is a great place to be. You can spend time downtown but don't have to go too far to get out to the mountains for a great hike.

What I like most about Western

As soon as I walked on campus and explored Bellingham I knew this was where I wanted to be for the next 4 years. Being a journalism major, I saw all the opportunities to get involved with our student publications and wanted to see my name in print.

Why I chose my major

I chose visual journalism because I get to use my love for writing while incorporating my passion for photography. I hope to work as a staff reporter or photographer for a fashion, travel or outdoor magazine where I can report and photograph out in the field.