Cooper Grove

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Minor in International Studies


Maple Valley, WA

An experience or class at Western that made me go "Wow!"

I will never forget one of my first classes I ever took at this university, Globalization with Leah Lippman, and how impactful it was for me. Shaping the rest of what I wanted to study, Leah's class was one of the first times I had an academic setting be structured, operated and oriented toward a topic that expanded my experience beyond the classroom, and into how we approach the world and Global Issues. A class, and an experience, that I would highly recommend to everyone.

What I like most about Western

The community based around individuality! Something I think that's so special and so unique about Western is the promotion for students to pursue the things that each individual has a passion for. While there are SO many different paths that students can create or follow, it's the idea of everyone doing what it is that they love that brings students together!

My advice for incoming or prospective students

If you pursue only what it is your passionate about, the right people, places and things will inevitably follow," -My favorite poet, philosopher, and wisdom guru: my mother. When there are so many options out there for what you want to pursue and what passions you want to follow, making a decision to follow what seems like one path can be so intimidating. Hold strongly onto the notion that if you simply continue to do the things that you enjoy and bring you happiness, in turn, the opportunities and the things that you want to see in your life will likely soon follow.