David Kipnis

David wearing a black hoodie and smiling in front of the magenta rhododendrons on campus.


Simferopol, Ukraine


Computer Science


I love music, rowing, and the outdoors. I play and produce music with my friends, and am part of the WWU Men’s Rowing team. Aside from that, I enjoy hiking, camping, and snowboarding around the beautiful Pacific Northwest.

Why I chose my major.

I chose computer science as my major because in the future I am hope to work in software development. I want to create software that is easy to pick up and is very user friendly, but gets the job done - be it designing the way smartphones work or creating new apps. If not that, then I have plenty of opportunities to chose from fields such as digital music design or video game development.

What I like most about Western.

I love Western both for the campus and the people that go here; a great and fun community located in the beautiful town of Bellingham. The people are awesome and supportive and are easy to be around, meanwhile the greenery and breathtaking views around the University are something to die for.