Frances Golla (she/her)

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My interests range from baking, politics, writing, and my guilty pleasure is astrology or personality-based quizzes (I'm a Capricorn and an ENFP ;) )! I like to try new things and explore places I haven't been to. On campus, I'm involved in Alpha Kappa Psi, a co-ed professional development club. We focus on improving skills relating to networking, resume building, and fundamental areas that are needed for internships or jobs. It's nice to get a head start on my professional career!


Communication Studies


Lynnwood, WA

What I'm passionate about and why

Currently, I'm intending to major in Communication Studies and a double minor in Journalism and Sociology. I chose Communications because being able to effectively voice your thoughts and present yourself are often skills needed for just about anything, and the degree is versatile to any career. Journalism was always something I intended to study because writing remained a constant passion of mine throughout my life. Sociology was an interest I discovered after coming to Western; specifically in classes relating to racial inequality and social stratification. As a woman of color, I believe it's important for everyone to study and understand the barriers people of color face in order to tackle systemic oppression.

What I like most about Western

What I like most about Western is its location. Living in such a beautiful area where there are so many lakes, trails and places to explore makes me aspire to be more of an outdoorsy person. Specifically, I love how Bellingham is more than just a "college town"; when being on campus for a long time can be tiring, there are so many activities happening in the surrounding area!