Iris Rasmussen

Iris smiles in front of the bird sanctuary on campus. Iris wears a grey t-shirt under an open black button-up shirt.


Richland, WA


Manufacturing & Supply Chain Management, Chinese Language & Culture

My advice for incoming or prospective students.

I think that incoming students should consider taking a foreign language course during their first year at Western. It’s easy to make friends with your classmates, as you will most likely be in language classes with the same people each quarter. It’s also a great way to get exposure to people in different majors as the range of people you meet outside your major or college narrows the further along you get in your degree.

Why I chose my major.

I chose to major in Manufacturing & Supply Chain Management because I knew I wanted to do something with business, and found that the MSCM program had a great combination of classes that covered a wide range of topics in business, operations, and manufacturing. Additionally, I was attracted to the challenge of obtaining a STEM degree, and the 100% job placement rate after graduation was also a major selling point for me. I like this major because there are a wide range of career options that I can choose from after graduation, and I am most drawn towards the procurement/buying aspect of supply chain. I hope to live and work abroad someday, and I am interested in a career where I can help people and the environment through supply chain.

What I like most about Western.

I like the laid-back campus culture and small class sizes.