Jalen Watts

photo of Jalen Watts


Business Management


Washougal, WA

What I like most about Bellingham

My favorite thing about Bellingham would have to be the amount of activities that you can do outside. Setting up a hammock and just chilling down by the water with some friends is one of my favorite activities. I have also been recently getting into hiking and am realizing how many beautiful trails there are in the area!

Why I chose Western

I chose to attend Western for several reasons! When I first visited campus, I was immediately in love with how much brick was incorporated in the buildings and the walkways (I was also drawn to the fountain in Red Square immediately). Not only was I obsessed with Western’s look, but also everyone that I talked to for help getting around campus was super friendly, and I could immediately tell that Western had an amazing community. I was also in love with the location of campus and how a short drive could take you to the mountains for some snowboarding/skiing or the waterfront on a sunny day for a nice study session. It’s also perfectly located for small road trips to either Vancouver B.C. or Seattle!

What I like most about Western

My favorite thing about Western is the accepting and progressive environment. Both the student population and professors have been amazing in creating a comfortable and safe environment, no matter your identity!