Joelle Lo


Vancouver, BC


Environmental Toxicology


Exploring Bellingham/Washington, nature, food, photography, cakes, bookstores, dogs, fuzzy blankets, trying different iced coffees and pancakes... Outside of leading campus tours and lots of studying, you'll find me at the Student Technology Center helping students learn to edit video and combat the printer, if it has decided to sass the students. I'm also in the chemistry building, doing research and playing with lasers. This is sounding a lot like my tour introduction...

What I like most about Bellingham.

Dogs and Food, need I say more?

My advice for incoming or prospective students.

Your professors are people too! Even though they're all the fancy, real adults of campus (wait, I'm an adult...) they always have cool stories, are very knowledgeable and want to get to know you. As a result, it's pretty easy to get involved in research or get some pretty solid letters of rec that'll be useful later. Also, they are usually pretty cool.

Why I chose my major.

Chemistry is cool. Aquatic systems are cool. Contamination is pretty interesting. Toxicology combines all of that AND MORE! This major was an awesome find as it combines knowledge from multiple fields to solve pressing and emerging problems in the environment. You learn a lot and get to design a lot of your own projects and tailor them to your own interests. Pretty cool if you ask me.

What I ultimately hope my education helps me achieve.

I want to get my PhD in Chemistry!

What I like most about Western.

There's so much to explore just on campus! Lots of cool spaces and random things are on display or available for students to explore, making wandering around campus super interesting. The environmental studies building has an entire interactive geologic museum, it's pretty neat.