Jonah Bettger

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I love hiking, watching movies, dogs, rock climbing, eating Hint of Lime chips, making people laugh, napping, using my telescope, dogs, anything out on the water, dogs, visiting the parks nearby, (did I mention dogs?), and doing some art every once in a while. Geez, I feel like I'm signing up for MyRoommate all over again.




Vancouver, WA

What I'm passionate about and why

I am really passionate about sewing. My grandmother on my mom's side taught her to sew, and my mom taught me to sew. I don't know why, but it's so relaxing to do and it gives me a great sense of achievement when I'm finished. I've sewed multiple costumes for Comic-Con, and I even did my own prom dress! If you ever need a button sewed back on, hit me up.

Why I chose Western

I actually didn't want to go to Western at first. My brother went here back in 2009 and I really didn't want to copy him. Sibling rivalry, y'know? But when it came down to it, I went on a tour to see how it was, and I absolutely fell in love. Even though it wasn't the greatest weather and it was quiet on campus, it really felt like a place I could call my home for the next four years.

What I like most about Western

I like how close we are as a community, and also with the community! There're so many things happening downtown or on campus that I can go to. A revelation I had when coming to Western is that everyone CHOSE to come here. They all want to be here, be included, and make new friends. No one is going to shut you down for just smiling to them in between classes or trying to have a friendly chat in Starbucks.

Why I chose my major

I love rocks. Rocks are cool. How rocks form are cool. Do you know you can find rocks almost anywhere? They're so great. I want to travel the world and find some even cooler rocks.

An experience or class at Western that made me go "Wow!"

My very first college class: Psychology 101. I was totally terrified when I went into the massive lecture hall. But then the professor comes sprinting down the stairs and introduces himself, wearing some strappy sandals, khaki shorts, a tie-dye shirt, and a Hulk Hogan mustache! This guy has four degrees and a Ph.D. I wasn't so nervous about college after that.