Jude Ahmed

Jude smiling and standing in front of a building wearing a shirt with images of fruit on it.


Redmond, WA


German and Economics/Political Science

Why I chose Western.

The campus is large enough so that there is always something exciting going on and there are always new people to meet, but small enough so that wherever I am I can find a friendly face in the crowd!

A little known fact about Western that you should know.

Sometimes you can find mini-giveaways of free books or materials around campus buildings! I snagged a 60 year old life-science textbook from the Biology building!

What I like most about Western.

I love how the campus community is constantly working on improving the school. Especially among marginalized and minority groups, while they are small they are loud and proud! Wherever there is something around Western that can be changed, you can be sure there are passionate students already working towards a better future!