Kaitlyn Rice (she/her)

photo of Kaitlyn Rice


Around Bellingham, I love trying new local restaurants and cafes, as well as getting outside with friends playing soccer, finding pretty hikes, or finding the best roller skating spots around Bellingham. On rainier days I enjoy binge watching shows or spending all day playing video games. I also love live music, either smaller venues in Bellingham or driving to either Vancouver or Seattle for larger shows.


Computer Science
Minors in UX Design and Psychology


Kirkland, WA

Why I chose Western

I chose Western because immediately felt like my home away from home. Campus is just big enough to explore my different interests and try new and exciting things on campus but small enough to see friendly faces where I go and build a tight community. Bellingham is also the perfect distance away from home, so I get my distance with the ability to still go home if I want.

My advice for incoming or prospective students

My advice would be not to limit yourself to what feels comfortable. College is the time to expand your knowledge both inside and outside the classroom. There are so many ways to try new things and is a perfect way to make connections. You may not like everything you try and that’s okay! It only narrows your interests more and affirms the ones you may already have.