Kindra Robbins


Anchorage, AK


Communication Sciences and Disorders


I love to take fitness classes at the Student Recreation Center and I go to as many classes as I can each week.

Why I chose Western.

I chose Western partially because it was close to home, even though Alaska is still far away, the two states are culturally similar. I loved the community as soon as I walked onto campus the first time I visited with my parents.

An experience or class at Western that made me go "Wow!"

My International Studies 201 professor started our first class by asking the students, "what is globalization?" and this question made us all fall silent. None of us had taken the time to define what that term meant and how relevant it was to our daily lives. By the end of the quarter I had a deep understanding of the word globalization.

Why I chose my major.

My major in Communication Sciences and Disorders is the undergrad degree for becoming a Speech Pathologist or Audiologist. I am on the Audiology path, so when I graduate I will go to graduate school for my Doctorate in Audiology.

What I'm passionate about and why.

I love meeting new people to learn from their experiences and cultural differences. When I travel I try and make the most of my time by getting to know the culture from the people who live there and go beyond what the guide books can tell me.

A little known fact about Bellingham that you should know.

The gelato in Fairhaven's Historical District rivals the gelato I had in Italy a few summers back, everyone should try it to decide for themselves.