Lauryn Haywood

photo of Lauryn Haywood


My interests range from being outside (anywhere along Chuckanut Drive) to hanging out with my friends and eating! Bellingham has great food options, for which I feel very grateful . On campus, I am a part of a professional development business fraternity called Alpha Kappa Psi. Within this group we focus on building upon and improving our professional skills such as resumes, networking and preparing for our future careers!


Public Relations
Minors in Sociology and Journalism


Seattle, WA

What I like most about Bellingham

I love Bellingham for what is has to offer everyone. It is a perfect mix of a "city-like" environment, while being surrounded by beautiful nature. There is always something going on, which I love because I grew up in Seattle, so that aspect is important to me. On the other hand, during my time living here I have also grown to truly enjoy the great outdoors. Even as a freshman, I could hop on the bus and be by the water or forest in 20 minutes, which was the perfect escape off campus.

My advice for incoming or prospective students

My number one tip is if you are ever struggling or needing help, reach out! There are so many resources available to students on campus and people wanting to make your college experience better. My freshman year of college I went through some tough things in my personal life, and the moment I reached out was the moment things got better for me. There is such a network of support waiting for you, and all you have to do is take the first step.