Madeline May


Maple Valley, WA


Cellular and Molecular Biology


I love any and every outdoor activity, including skiing, hiking, and kayaking. I am on Western's Lacrosse team and love playing intramural volleyball with friends. I am also a member of the pre-med club and Biology club.

Why I chose Western.

I fell in love with the campus and Bellingham. I felt welcomed into the community, and as I explored the various programs and majors offered at WWU, I knew I would be able to succeed here.

What I like most about Bellingham.

The food! I love having so many options of delicious places to try. Whether I am heading downtown for ice cream or going to Fairhaven for the great Italian food, Bellingham never disappoints me.

Why I chose my major.

I chose Biology because I have always been passionate about science and love learning new things that describe the world around us. I would like to use science to make a positive impact on my community so I have plans to go to medical school and become either a medical researcher or a family physician. My Chemistry and Sociology minors will also help me achieve this goal.

What I like most about Western.

I love that there are always new opportunities for students. Whether you are trying out a fun and interesting class not related to your major, or joining a new club, there is always something new and unique to immerse yourself in.