Madison Gonzalez Boesch

Madison StAR Photo


Design - Illustration Certificate


Fort Collins, CO

Why I chose Western

Upon visiting WWU, I instantly fell in love with the large library, the 20th-century brick buildings and the proximity of the campus to downtown and the arboretum. There were billboards filled with activities, events, volunteer and abroad opportunities, so I felt an all-over welcoming and positive atmosphere on campus. When I researched Western Washington University's course curriculum, I was impressed and inspired by the number and variety of courses offered. I chose Western because I felt that this was an environment that would support me in whichever path I chose to explore, and it has!

What I like most about Western

I love Western Washington University for its progressivism, for introducing me to such a passionate student population and for our dedicated president and many engaging professors. There are always fun events and opportunities being offered where you can explore your interests, meet new people and cultivate your own career path.

Why I chose my major

For my educational career, I am working to obtain a Design BA and my Illustrator's Certificate. It is my aspiration to be totally immersed in the realm of art and design, creating and maintaining meaningful connections as I advance. With a Design BA, I see myself entering into marketing and/or product design. Some careers that I am considering include Art Director, Chief Marketing Officer, Editorial Illustrator, Children's Book Illustrator, and Media Advertising Director. Beyond titles, my main career goals are to pursue fulfilling work where I can meaningfully contribute, leverage my artistic talent and successfully work with a close-knit team. Upon entering the Design department, I am intent on becoming familiar and accomplished with the variety of digital tools used in Design today. It's important to me that I enter the job market prepared with an expansive skill set of different Design tools and concepts.