Miles Fields

Miles F


Tacoma, WA


Business Management


I'm a part of the Honors Program at Western, and I'm starting a club that will hopefully be around next fall. I also play intramural soccer and football. I love to travel, eat great food, and backpacking! In my free time, I like to coach Club Swim and Lacrosse.

Why I chose Western.

I chose Western not only because it made the most sense economically, but also because I fell in love with the people at the school. Everyone was extremely welcoming and I immediately felt included when I came to campus. I didn't see myself anywhere else, plus I wanted to pursue a Minor in Leadership Studies, and the program here is amazing.

What I like most about Bellingham.

The local restaurants! There are only a few chain restaurants in Downtown Bellingham, and the other eateries are usually locally owned. The food is amazing, from AB Crepes to Jun's Sushi and Bento, every restaurant in Bellingham has a unique homely feel.

My advice for incoming or prospective students.

Get involved and take advantage of every resource you need to succeed. Networking is a huge part of the college experience, so learning to get out of your comfort zone is the key to succeeding.

What I like most about Western.

I love the people, the community, and the overall vibe of campus. Western does an amazing job at blending an academic atmosphere with a community vibe. The staff members are extremely friendly, and the professors are top notch. Western itself is a gorgeous campus immersed in nature. Walking through campus brings a smile on my face, especially on nice days, when everyone is outside enjoying life.