Nathaniel Gaines

Nathaniel StAR Photo


Human Services
Minor in Education & Social Justice


Bellingham, WA / Stapleton, GA


I lead worship at an off-campus ministry called Ekklesia and Cornwall Church in Bellingham, and I have two jobs working for The WWU Alumni Association and Little Caesars Pizza. I also enjoy hiking with my family and friends, drinking coffee at local coffee shops, and traveling and experiencing all that I can.

Why I chose Western

My father, grandfather, and great-grandmother all went to Western and constantly talk about how amazing their experiences were. My dad's closest friends and colleagues are from his days at WWU. I also wanted to have an incredible college experience while carrying on the Viking family legacy.

An experience or class at Western that made me go "Wow!"

Fall quarter of my freshman year I took History 103 (American History). During this time I was not sure about college and if it was really for me. This particular class reassured me that I was in the right place. I learned how to work hard, read and understand difficult texts, become a better writer and met some of my closest friends. With over 60 students in the class, my professor was determined to see every student succeed. Even though I only received a B-, I learned to be a better student and the skills I gained have helped me in numerous ways throughout my college career.

What I like most about Western

Western is a big campus with a small campus feel. From the small class sizes to countless faculty and staff who truly want to see students succeed, Western really makes you feel at home.