Nova Anteau

photo of Nova Anteau


Undecided, Pre-Med Track


Olympia, WA

Why I chose Western

When I visited western during my college search, I immediately noticed the atmosphere and the people here. Everyone was so welcoming, kind, and open-minded, and I felt completely at ease on the campus. As I walked around looking at the beautiful nature of this area, I knew that Western was for me.

Why I chose my major

I am currently on the Pre-Med track here at Western with my goal being to work in an operating room someday. I chose this track after watching nurses, physician’s assistants, anesthesiologists, doctors and more OR staff (yes there really are that many people involved!) perform surgeries at Tacoma General Hospital. I saw how they were able to help someone feel better by literally going and fixing it, and I was just in complete awe of them! That’s when I decided to follow this pre-professional track here at Western, where they have specific advisors for students going into medicine!

An experience or class at Western that made me go "Wow!"

During my first quarter at Western I took a class called Human Sexuality, and it was AMAZING! Even though the class was in a big lecture hall, I never felt invisible or like I couldn’t talk to the professor (who was absolutely amazing, shoutout to Dr. Jim Graham!). I learned so much in the class and enjoyed going to it every single time. The class covered so many different aspects of human sexuality in such an open-minded and comfortable environment. I would recommend everyone to take his class if you get the opportunity to do so!