Quinn Williams (she/her)

photo of Quinn Williams


In my free time I enjoy reading, walking around Bellingham, listening to an eclectic mix of music, and spending time studying or writing wherever I can find a quiet spot.


English Literature, Psychology


Bonney Lake, WA

Why I chose my major

When I transferred to WWU from Pierce Community College, I chose to major in English because I had a great English literature professor at Pierce. I had always enjoyed my English Literature classes and was deeply interested in the different theories that are available to use in analysis of any written text or even visual or auditory media like song lyrics, music videos, or movies.

What I ultimately hope my education helps me achieve

I am still figuring out exactly what I want to do with my degrees, but I do know that I eventually want to serve in a supportive role. I decided to study psychology because I am hoping to work in the mental health field in some capacity, as I enjoy building connections with others, and mental health in general is an area that I am curious and passionate about.

My advice for incoming or prospective students

Remember that everyone's journey, especially in college and figuring out what to do with their lives, is different. Even though it seems intuitive, after graduating high school it was helpful to have the opportunity to talk to other adults in my classes and at part time jobs who are also trying to figure out their lives. It fully set in for me that everybody is constantly learning and growing. Furthermore, there is no “right” way to be a college student, an English major, etc., and abstract ideas of the “perfect journey” hinders more than it helps.