Rebeca Rodriguez (she/her)

photo of Rebeca Rodriguez


Secondary Education


Shoreline, WA

What I like most about Bellingham

Bellingham Is very different from my hometown. Unlike my hometown, Bellingham isn’t boring. Bellingham has allowed me to enjoy so many cute cafes and bakeries. Also, Bellingham has something for everyone! You can explore the outdoors, go to the beach, or find a fabulous place to eat at.

Why I chose Western

I chose Western because I love that it is mid-sized. I also really like that Western is the perfect distance from home. Another reason for me choosing Western was because I knew that it was home to an amazing college of education. Out of all the schools I toured, Western was the only school that felt like a community I could see myself being a part of.

What I ultimately hope my education helps me achieve

I hope that by the time I’m done with schooling here at Western, I can start my journey in the education world. Since teaching and English are two things that I am passionate about, I know that I want to start out by being a middle school English teacher. After teaching I hope to start my journey advocating for changes within the education system. With the experience of being a teacher, I hope to then transition to focus more on Education policy and one day be a part of a school board or Washington's director-general of the Department of Education. I hope to not only achieve success, but also to achieve change both in and out of the classroom.