Risa Askerooth

Risa smiling at the camera wearing a black shirt standing in front of a grassy lawn


Haleiwa, HI


Environmental Science, Terrestrial Ecology


I love doing DIY projects - I'm currently knitting a giant scarf and I just stuck some ladybug decals on my ceiling last night. I'm also super interested in sustainability, and this year I'm co-writing a grant to get compost buckets in every dorm room starting Fall 2018!

A little known fact about Bellingham that you should know.

Whatcom County has the most drive-up coffee stands in the state of Washington! It's pretty wild - they're on almost every corner. One of my favorite coffee shops is the Woods Coffee at Boulevard park, which overlooks Bellingham Bay.

What I like most about Western.

I love how welcoming and inclusive Western's atmosphere is. From the moment I got here, it felt like I was part of a community and belonged here – there's something for everyone. I've found friends, clubs, and interests that are going to stay with me for a long time.