Sam Hagshenas

Sam StAR Photo


Political Science


San Diego, CA

Why I chose Western

I wanted to challenge myself to grow as a person by subjecting myself to a different environment and started looking at colleges in Washington. When I toured Western, I fell in love with the campus and knew I had to come here.

What I like most about Western

Western is an absolutely gorgeous campus, and the people here are amazing. When I first came to western, I was nervous about making friends, as I was an out of state student that didn't know anyone. However everyone I met was super welcoming and friendly, and coming to western has allowed me to meet some of my closest friends.

My advice for incoming or prospective students

Don't be afraid to put yourself out there! College is a perfect time to try new things and meet new people, you will learn a lot about yourself through your new experiences.

Why I chose my major

I knew I wanted to major in political science after the first few classes I took, but I ended up double majoring almost by accident. I loved Western's history classes and took them every chance I could, but never planned to major in or do anything with history. I ended up taking so many history classes that I almost finished half the major before the end of my second year. At that point I figured, why not just double major?