Skylar Tibbetts

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I love listening to and playing music; I play guitar and sing in a folk band here at WWU! I also write poetry as a part of Poetry Club on campus, and delight in reading a book in my bed with a cup of tea. I also love exploring the outdoors, whether it be hiking, backpacking, river-rafting or kayaking!


English - Literature and Creative Writing
Minors in Women’s, Gender, Sexuality Studies & Audio Technology


Seattle, WA

Why I chose Western

I chose Western because I found it to be the perfect size between a big school and a small school. I always see people I recognize and I feel a strong sense of community, but there's always more people to meet and things to do!

What I like most about Western

I love so many things about Western, but especially the location. Bellingham is absolutely perfect for outdoor recreation. You have it all: mountains, water, and forestry! There's never a lack of adventure here.

My advice for incoming or prospective students

Don't stress yourself out if you don't have to! You will end up in the right place, and it's not worth too much worry. Fate has its way.