Teryn Brodish

Teryn StAR Photo


Behavioral Neuroscience


Colorado Springs, CO

What I like most about Western

I love the overall college environment on campus at Western. People are really friendly and down to earth. I see so many familiar faces every day walking to my classes. Western is a big school, but not too big, and I was able to find some lifelong friends through amazing experiences and really got to know certain professors and faculty over the last few years.

My advice for incoming or prospective students

It is totally acceptable to go into college unsure of what major you want to pursue. There are so many options and you have time to decide, don't worry! The most important thing is to find what drives your passion and future goals. Do some research, take some classes, talk to your professors and friends. You'll find something that clicks with you!

Why I chose my major

I chose to study neuroscience for so many reasons I can't even count them all! Our brains govern everything we do and how we interpret the world around us. I find that fascinating! I'm really interested in the brain's role in the field of exercise science and physiology, sport's nutrition, as well as the field of traumatic brain injury recovery and rehabilitation. Western's Behavioral Neuroscience program has allowed me to explore so many options for my future while getting really involved in undergraduate research that has truly fostered my passion for my major.