Will Barror

Will StAR Photo


Business & Sustainability


Rockville, MD

What I like most about Western

I love how passionate everyone at Western is! Everyone here has something that they could talk to you for hours about, and I find that very inspiring. It is great to go to a school where so many of your fellow students are committed to making a change in the world.

Why I chose my major

I chose my major because I wanted to combine my interest in business with my interest in sustainability and the environment. Once I graduate I want to be a corporate social responsibility or sustainability officer at an environmentally and socially conscious company.

My advice for incoming or prospective students

I highly recommend getting involved with clubs and activities as soon as you set foot on campus. When I came to Western I didn't know a single person. I was able to connect with a lot of different clubs at the Info Fair, and am now going to be the president of one and on the executive board of another in just my second year here!