Transfer Requirements

While academic achievement is the most significant factor in the review process, the Admissions Committee considers many factors when making an admissions decision. Our comprehensive review process also considers clarity of academic goals, completion of major prerequisites and related experiences, number of transfer credits and distribution of current students, contributions to and/or experiences with multiculturalism, special talent, personal circumstances, and space availability.

Minimum requirements for transfer admission include a 2.00 cumulative transferable GPA and a 2.00 in the quarters prior to application review and enrollment. Because the number of qualified applicants exceeds the number of available enrollment spaces, meeting minimum requirements does not guarantee admission.

To strengthen your application for admission to Western:

  1. Complete college-level math and English prior to submitting your application for admission.
  2. Familiarize yourself with the requirements for your intended major and complete as many prerequisites as possible prior to transfer.
  3. Complete courses that fulfill Western's General University Requirements (GUR) whenever possible. (Note: Students who plan to transfer with a Direct Transfer Agreement (DTA) Associate's Degree from a Washington State community college generally have all their GUR fulfilled.)
  4. Help the Admissions Committee understand you better by submitting an essay that addresses your academic goals, related experiences and/or preparatory course work, and any academic challenges you have overcome.
  5. Students applying with fewer than 45 completed transferable quarter credits must meet freshman admission requirements and should demonstrate strong academic achievement in high school.


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