WWU Discounts

If offered, be sure to inquire about your WWU discount before booking a reservation!

Luxury (over $130)

Hotel Phone Number Distance from Campus WWU Discount Offered

Fairhaven Village Inn

(360) 733-1311 About 1.5 miles Yes, for WWU parents

The Chrysalis Inn & Spa

(360) 756-1005 About 1 mile No

Hotel Leo

(360) 739-0250 About 1 mile Yes, 10%

Moderate ($96-$129)

Hotel Phone Number     Distance from Campus     WWU Discount Offered
Best Western Plus Bellingham
(360) 676-7700
About 5-7 miles, depending on route Yes, 15%
Holiday Inn Express

(360) 671-4800

About 4-6 miles, depending on route

Yes, 11%

Holiday Inn & Suites Bellingham (360) 746-6844
About 6-8 miles, depending on route Yes, 15%

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