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Earn credit toward your degree while getting real-world experience—participate in internships that build on your education, study abroad, and help others in need.

Keara King smiles for camera by stairs

"Western provides unique experiences for students that go beyond the standard education."

Keara King
Sammamish, WA, Manufacturing and Supply Chain Management

Experience Internships

Get on-the-job experience and make connections in the community while you work toward your degree.

Land Your Dream Job

Kyla is smiling at the camera and hanging from a rock climbing wall with both arms.

Before graduating, Kyla Hall had already landed her dream job at REI. As a Supply Chain Sustainability Analyst, she regularly travels internationally and helps REI meet sustainability and fair labor standards. She was able to quickly jump into her position at REI, and attributes the smooth transition to her experience at Western. As a student, Kyla participated in five internships relevant to her majors in Business and Sustainability, and Manufacturing and Supply Chain Management. 

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Prepare for Graduate Studies

Students Journey and Kyle are wearing teal scrubs and giving the camera a thumbs up. They are in a medical setting at their behavioral neuroscience internship.

Undergraduate Behavioral Neuroscience students Journey Richardson and Kyle Griffin got hands-on experience during their highly-competitive 10-week neurosurgery internship. They worked alongside physicians at the Cascade Brain and Spine Center, gaining experience that will prepare them for  medical careers. 

"The neurosurgery internship showed me a behind-the-curtain view into a hospital OR. I also accompanied physicians through their visits with patients in the clinic. Seeing their care for their patients and proficiency in their work had a significant impact on me and has further inspired me to become a physician myself." --Kyle Griffin

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Defend Constitutional Rights

Evan is smiling and wearing a blue polo shirt. He is outdoors and there is sunlit greenery behind him.

In his senior year, Evan Frazier decided to put his political science education to good use. He took an unpaid internship investigating criminal defense cases for Bellingham's Public Defender's Office. Evan wanted to help ensure every person in his community got their constitutional right to a thorough defense, no matter how disadvantaged. He understands that a fair legal process is essential to the welfare of his city

Political Science Internships

Make the Web More Accessible


Senior Brynne Hollasch's Internet Resource Creation and Management minor allowed her to shadow Westen's accessibility experts. As she learned about navigating the web with assistive technology such as screen readers, Brynne also learned how important web accessibility is and how content creators can help make a more equitable internet. 

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Study Abroad

Get ready to get out of your comfort zone and see the world while immersing yourself in another culture. 

See Legendary Art

Parque Güell in Barcelona, Spain. The famous La Sagrada Familia  Varied and colorful buildings fill the photo, some with spires that tower over the rest of the city.

"This was a particularly inspiring moment for me because I had heard about the amazing architecture by Antoni Gaudí for years, but I was finally there, experiencing it in person! From this viewpoint, we could watch the sunrise over Barcelona and see the ocean, the construction of La Sagrada Familia, and see all the intricate detailing put into Parque Güell. It was truly amazing!"

--Emily Van Den Hul

Get Closer to Zeus

A student is in a mid-air jump with his arms and legs stretched out. Behind him is an ancient structure built of ornate Greek columns called the Temple of Zeus. Additional columns and the ancient Parthenon are visible in the background.

“Waking up at a local restaurant at 5:30am after 3 hours of sleep, we headed towards Athens, only to be greeted by various ancient monuments. This one in particular called Temple of Olympian Zeus with Ancient Parthenon in the back was an amazing spot. I could not help but to show excitement to such a stunning sight. Definitely made me forget how tired I was.”

--Masatoki Teranishi

Jumpstart Your Career

Yvonne is standing in a thick, green jungle holding a copy of The Planet magazine. A large hill or mountain is in the background, partially obscured by a low cloud.

Yvonne Worden traveled abroad in Costa Rica's jungles and lived with the indigenous Bribri people while producing a podcast and sending reports back to Western's The Planet magazine. Since graduating, Yvonne has worked with destination marketing organizations, nonprofits, and taught English in Japan. She's on an adventure as an online teacher, freelance storyteller, and digital nomad.

"Studying ecotourism in Costa Rica has had a profound and lasting impact on my life. I wouldn’t be the person I am today without the experience."

Research Abroad

Keep Exploring

A student is sitting on a grassy slope with their feet dangling over the edge. The ocean is visible far below, and there are large cliffs in the background.

Western students share their study abroad experiences. See what it's really like living and learning in another part of the world!

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Give Back

Raise funds, improve your community, restore native habitats and fight for social justice while you're here.

Solve Local Problems

Two computer-aided design renderings: one of proposed changes to second avenue in Ferndale. It shows a mixed-use area with a pedestrian courtyard and trees, parking spaces, and a brick commercial building. Another illustration shows a pedestrian overpass bridge over a body of water, with a small city behind it. The city looks like Ferndale.

Western's urban planning students don't just do assignments, they partner with Bellingham and its neighboring communities to design for good. 

The senior Planning Studio class won the 2020 Excellence in Planning award for it's redevelopment of downtown Ferndale. The entire class focused on this single project, allowing students to truly devote their time to it. The City adopted several of the students' recommendations, and is moving forward with student-inspired solutions to revitalize downtown Ferndale.

Fundraise Together

Five students are in a zoom meeting together. They are all smiling, one is wearing a paper crown, one is flashing peace signs with their fingers, and another is using their phone to take a group photo.

Western's service clubs are perfect for people who want to make a difference, and they don't stop working when things get tough.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Western's Planned Parenthood Generation service club was unable to meet in person, but that didn't stop them from learning, serving, and meeting community needs together. The club held a period product fundraising drive during quarantine, and donated $400 to donate to Whatcom DVSAS and the local YWCA.

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Launch a Nonprofit

Three Indian women are seated and smiling at one another, wearing traditional attire.

Communication Studies major Sukhmanii Kahlon founded the nonprofit organization American Sikhs to help elderly immigrants become U.S. citizens. At Western, she helped connect elderly Sikhs with free medical checkups. Today, she is a medical student who has been published by NCBI six times.

“The relationships I had built with my elderly students have stayed with me even after all these years. Their resilience to keep on learning is what inspired me to go to medical school. My future goal is to practice medicine in a community like Bellingham. I believe I will be able to do so much more for minority communities, like American Sikhs, by being a practicing physician.”

Lead Your Community

Ranulfo is smiling and has one hand held to his chin. He is wearing a dark button down shirt and a nice watch.

Ranulfo Molina (He/Him/His) is a transfer student from Skagit Valley College. He started his academic journey at Western Washington University last year and served as ASWWU Student Senator for the College of Humanities and Social Sciences, advocating for students to ensure academic success. Now is serving the WWU community as the ASWWU Vice President for Diversity on the Executive Board. Ranulfo would like to advise all new incoming and transfer students to get involved with the community at WWU and spark the wheel of change by bringing your diverse experiences, knowledge, and perspective to the table

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