Research, Design, Create

Do cutting-edge research, take renewable energy to the next level, design a race car, make art, create an app, or turn recycled waste into useful objects. Create the future you want to see.

Research for Good

An Environmental Science major, Bryson Bellefeuille wanted to discover how chemicals impact environmental and human health. He researched contaminated zones around the Pacific Northwest and presented his findings, interned at a hospital studying the effect of air pollution on lung disease, and completed a summer research internship studying molecular and environmental toxicology. 

Ready to research?

Our primary focus on undergraduates means you won't have to wait until you're a graduate student to work directly with professors on research, solve real-world problems, and present and publish your work.

Anne d’Aquino worked on research at Western that will ultimately aid in therapies for the bleeding disorder hemophilia A. When she graduated, she was accepted to Northwestern University’s Molecular Biophysics graduate program.

"Studying biochemistry has allowed me to pursue my dream of making positive contributions to the medical field. I attribute so many of my successes and opportunities to the professors and mentors who have helped bolster my love for science."

Make Something New

Learning involves so much more than lectures, papers, and tests—so dive in. Whether it’s designing new technology or working in a community garden developing sustainable agricultural methods, let your interests and passions be the driving force for innovation. 

Sarah O'Sell was part of a team of eight Western students from a range of majors who came together to develop and promote the first completely transparent solar window, which can decrease a building's heating and cooling costs by 10 to 30 percent. Since 2015, the Solar Window project has won $105,000 in grants and prizes including first place at an Environmental Protection Agency competition in Washington, D.C.

"Western’s Industrial Design program gives students the skills and experience to make just about anything. Having the ability to invent and construct the world around me is awesome."

Design Your World

Reshape your world by designing digital experiences, telling compelling stories, and creating new solutions from old material.

As a student, Graphic Design major Zach Becker won an Adobe Design Achievement Award for ISS – Isolation, an interactive, digital publication inspired by the literal and metaphorical exploration of space. Today, Zach is working as a contract designer for Microsoft, and is interested in continuing to explore motion design and virtual reality. 

"The exhilaration I feel as I’m creating never seems to dull – each new project is more exciting than the last as I learn new techniques and polish the preexisting."

Share Your Work

Western offers opportunities and venues to showcase your creative work, from art shows, plays, and concerts to magazines, radio, and television.

Brynn Hofer danced in more than 20 productions at Western, one of which she also choreographed. She also wrote and received a grant that fully funded research in biomechanics, examining how dancers learn new movement styles. When she graduated, Brynn already had a job lined up at Polaris Dance Theatre, a professional dance company in Portland, Oregon.

"The Dance faculty give so much of themselves to the dancers. They have an innate ability to help their students that is quite inspiring – I hope to be that way with my students one day."