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Through close relationships with professors, a community atmosphere, and academic excellence, we help people find their purpose. And we inspire them to pursue that purpose with everything they’ve got. We bring together those who want to change the world, with the people who are changing it.

Map of the area. Detail of Bellingham between Vancouver, BC and Seattle. Map showing how far north and west Washington state is from California and rest of the US.


Bellingham, Washington sits perfectly between a sheltered bay opening up to the spectacular San Juan islands and Mount Baker, the crown-jewel of the Northern Cascades. With Seattle and Vancouver both a short drive away, it’s the ideal place to study, work, recreate, and relax.


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Students receive a solid foundation in the liberal arts and sciences before choosing from our 175+ academic programs. So whether you know exactly which major you want to pursue or have no idea, you’ll have time to explore your options—or you can design one yourself.


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