An admission appeal is a request for reevaluation of the application for a student who has been denied admission to Western Washington University. Generally, applicants appeal if they believe their academic or personal circumstances could not be considered adequately through the usual application review process or that an error occurred in that review. It is important to note that admission to Western is competitive and decisions are rarely overturned. Keep in mind that we already reviewed your entire file and expected you to present everything of significance in the initial application.

How to Appeal

To appeal, an applicant must submit a letter of appeal in writing, typed, and no longer than three pages. The appeal process does not include a personal interview, but you may speak with an admissions counselor at any time if you have questions.

Appeals must be submitted by the appeal deadline.


Application deadlines by quarter

Application Quarter

Appeal Deadline

Summer May 15
Fall July 1
Winter December 1
Spring March 15


Due to processing timelines and the quarterly registration schedule, students who applied for Winter or Spring quarter and are admitted after a successful appeal will be offered admission for a future term.


Enrollment after appeal

Application Quarter

Can Enroll for

Winter Spring, Summer or Fall Quarter
Spring Summer or Fall Quarter


A complete appeal request must include the following. Incomplete or unsigned appeals will not be considered.

  • Your letter of appeal must be typed and not longer than three pages and bear your signature.
    • Provide the following information: your legal name, address, quarter and year of application and type of applicant (first-year, transfer, or post-baccalaureate)
    • The body of your appeal should explain your reasons for seeking reconsideration
    • Your appeal should be clear and concise in presenting your case for admission.
    • If you believe we missed something of importance, you may direct our attention to it again.
    • We suggest that in your appeal you alert the committee of any circumstances and hardships, such as personal or family illness, factors related to a disability, or familial or cultural barriers that may have affected your academic performance and record that may not have been clear in your original application.
  • First-year and Running Start applicants must provide a final high school transcript.
  • Transfer applicants must provide a college transcript demonstrating grades through the most recently completed quarter or semester.
  • You may also choose to include supplemental information not previously included in your application such as letters of recommendations, updated standardized test scores, statements from guidance counselors, etc.

Your letter of appeal and supplemental documentation must be postmarked by the deadline or emailed or delivered in person by the deadline.

Appeal requests will be reviewed after the deadlineYou will be notified by mail of the committee’s final decision within four weeks after the appeal deadline for Fall Quarter appeals, and within two weeks of the appeal deadline for Winter, Spring, or Summer appeals.  Appeal Committee decisions are final.  Students are welcome to apply for a future quarter and previous admission decisions will not be considered as part of a new application.  Please remember that applicants who are admitted after a second review of a Winter or Spring quarter application will be offered admission for a future quarter, due to registration timelines.