Non-Degree Seeking Student

Who should use this application?

Non-degree seeking students, also referred to as non-matriculated students, are students who are interested in taking courses at Western, but don't plan to earn a degree or certificate.

Non-degree seeking students can take courses on a space-available basis by submitting a Non-Degree Seeking Student Application to the Registrar’s Office. A new application must be submitted for each quarter a student wants to take courses. Non-degree seeking student are not formally admitted to Western Washington University and do not need to submit an Undergraduate Application for Admission.

You should use the Non-Degree Seeking Student Application if you are a:

  • Student who wishes to take courses for credit without being formally admitted to Western.
  • Washington state resident who is 60 years of age or older and who is eligible for WWU’s tuition/fee waiver program.
  • Student wishing to audit a course without earning credit.

Application Instructions & Registration Deadlines

To be eligible to register for courses, students must first submit a completed Non-Degree Seeking Student Application. The application should be submitted to the Registrar's Office 2 - 4 weeks prior to the start of the quarter. Students are required to submit this application for each quarter they wish to enroll in courses.

The Registrar’s Office processes all Non-Degree Seeking Student Applications. You will receive a confirmation email prior to the start of the quarter with instructions on how to register for courses.

During fall, winter, and spring quarter, non-degree seeking students will be allowed to register for courses on a space-available basis beginning the first day of the quarter. During the summer term, non-degree-seeking students may register beginning in Phase II registration.

Important registration dates can be found on the Registrar's website.

Admission Requirements

Non-degree seeking student status does not require a formal admission process or formal entrance requirements. Enrollment as a non-degree seeking student does not guarantee future admission to the University. Students who wish to apply for full admission should refer to the appropriate instructions for first-year, transfer, post-baccalaureate, returning Western student, or graduate admission.

Related Policies 

  • Non-degree seeking students do not qualify for financial aid or student services such as academic advising or career services. Access to departmental advisers is at the discretion of the individual departments and colleges.
  • Non-degree seeking students are not eligible to register or get on wait lists until the first day of the quarter. 
  • Students who have been dismissed from Western due to low academic standing may not enroll as non-degree seeking students except during summer quarter.
  • A student must be formally admitted to Western to apply credit to a degree. A maximum of 45 credits earned as a non-matriculated student may be accepted toward a bachelor’s degree at Western. Contact the Graduate School for information on applying credit to graduate programs.
  • Western Washington University reserves the right to deny admission to any non-degree seeking student applicant.

Students enrolled as non-degree seeking are subject to all University academic policies as published in the catalog. They must maintain good academic standing according to University scholarship standards. Continued low scholarship will result in the loss of future registration privileges.


Auditors are persons who desire to attend courses without earning credit. Written permission from the instructor and approval from the Registrar’s Office are required to register to audit a class.

Auditors are not allowed to register until the first day of the quarter, and the course must not have reached maximum enrollment. Changes to or from audit cannot be made after the first five days of the quarter.

Students enrolled for 10 or more non-audited credits may audit a course without an additional charge. Students enrolled for less than 10 credits should refer to the Tuition and Fees section “Auditing a Class.” Students approved to register for an audit are responsible for paying any course fees attached to the course. Students who choose to audit self-supporting classes through Outreach and Continuing Education are required to pay the full amount of tuition and fees.

Auditors do not earn credits and, according to University policy, may not register for performance courses such as physical education activities, laboratory courses, studio courses, independent study courses, language courses, courses not taught in a group setting, and any other course the Registrar deems ineligible. Auditors may not participate in class discussions, write papers, take tests or complete class projects. No grades are assigned, but an official Western transcript is created. Auditing a course cannot be used toward successful completion of academic credit.


Western Washington University recognizes that measles is a very contagious respiratory disease that can pose significant health risks to members of our campus community. To ensure the health and safety of all students at Western, proof of measles (rubeola) immunity is required.

Students who have not provided proof of measles immunity to the Student Health Center will have a hold placed on their student account and will not be able to register for classes. A hold placed on the student account also prevents a student from living in on-campus housing.

For questions regarding measles requirements, please contact the Student Health Center at (360)650-3400.

Non-degree seeking students are eligible to register the first day of the quarter for fall, winter and spring. During summer term, non-degree seeking students may register beginning Phase II.

Non-matriculated students follow all dates and deadlines provided by the Registrar’s Office. Please visit the Important Dates and Deadlines website.

Non-degree seeking students are ineligible for federal or state aid via the FASFA or WAFSA. If you have other questions about aid eligibility, please contact Financial Aid.

Tuition is based on residency, and all applicable tuition and fees are due and payable according to the Important Dates and Deadlines listed on the Registrar’s Office website. The Student Business Office has more information about tuition and fees.