Jacob Joens-Poulton

College Major: Human Services, minor in Anthropology

About Me

Having grown up among the redwood forests of Northern California, I was determined to go to a university where I could get outside and be myself. I chose Western because of its abundant outdoor opportunities, vibrant community, and forward-thinking academic programs.

Although I started my journey with the intention of designing my own major, I eventually discovered that the Human Services program was the perfect fit for me. My education at Western went far beyond the classroom however, with the Bellingham community and the natural environment providing me with countless opportunities to grow as a person. Over the course of four years, I held several on-campus jobs, started a club, and interned with a local nonprofit. More importantly, I met lots of incredible people who were different from myself and changed how I see the world.

As an Admissions Counselor, I am eager to help students navigate their college search and discover how to make the most of this unique time in their lives.