Jeanne Gaffney

College Major: Bachelor of Arts in Human Services; Master’s in Education in Student Personnel Administration

About Me

I was raised in the Northwest, first in Beaverton, Oregon and then Bellevue, Washington. I moved to Bellingham to attend Western and fell in love with the beautiful location and friendly people I found here. I feel deeply fortunate to have made this campus and community my home for the past quarter century.

I like to spend my time outside of work visiting our local parks, walking on our seemingly endless trail system, and enjoying delicious food at Bellingham's many restaurants. I have a serious sweet tooth and between gelato, ice cream, cookies, crepes and candy shops - Bellingham doesn't disappoint!

Here at Western I work closely with transfer and post-bacclaureate students as well as veterans, active duty and military dependents. I love the diversity of backgrounds, experiences and interests these students bring to campus. I have the best job in the world, helping students learn how they can strengthen their application for admission and best prepare themselves for their future at Western. Give me a call!