Abby Daugherty (she/her)

photo of Abby Daugherty


I love to hike.  It's my favorite way to relieve stress and my favorite thing to do outdoors.  I also love to craft things.  I knit and crotchet and love trying new crafts like pottery and woodcarving. I am also a part of Western's women's ruby team!  I love rugby and have been playing for a couple years, so it is nice to continue playing at Western!




Breckenridge, CO

Why I chose Western

Since I'm from Colorado, I was looking for a school that is surrounded by the outdoors like my hometown. Western not only is surrounded by so much nature, but is on the coast. Being close to the mountains but still feeling like I'm in a new place is what drew me to Western.

What I like most about Western

I like the classes available for students to take. There are so many interesting classes in so many departments. There is such a diverse range of classes even within each department.

My advice for incoming or prospective students

My advice for incoming students is to join clubs in things that you're interested. If you are not sure what your interests are, join a club that sounds like fun. It is a great way to meet people who you already have a connection with. Joining a club can be scary, but everyone is so welcoming and is just wanting to meet people, just like you are!