Caitlyn Wilson (she/her)

photo of Caitlyn Wilson


Hiking, baking, learning random fun facts, listening to music, embroidery


Environmental Studies with Justice and Community Resilience emphasis, Minors in Spanish and Anthropology


Colorado Springs, CO

What I like most about Bellingham

I love the location of Bellingham! It is right next to the ocean, but also in the middle of a forest, and that is absolutely insane to me! There are a lot of places to hike around BHAM (the bus takes you to a few hikes), but there is a lot of cool activities to do downtown as well. To be more specific, in downtown Bellingham there are cool stores like Third Planet and some really fun places to get food like Mallards or Café Rumba.

Why I chose my major

I chose to be an environmental studies major because I have always loved nature and learning about certain aspects of the environment, but I am not a “stem” oriented person, so this major gave me a happy balance. Also with an environmental studies degree, there are a lot of opportunities to work with non-profits or work in administrative positions to create policies or advocate for change, which is something I have always been really passionate about.

My advice for incoming or prospective students

My advice for incoming or prospective students is to join clubs or take the extra step to get into a specific niche program as soon as possible. I applied to be in the Marine and Coastal Science Program, before school even started, and it was one of the best decisions I made because I created a great group of friends right off the bat entering college. I would also recommend taking a FIG course for the same reason. I found that FIGs made the adjustment from high school to college a lot easier because the class sizes were relatively small, and the people were nice.