International Requirements

We welcome your application for admission!

Western welcomes all types of international students, whether you are a first year university student or transferring from another college or university. 

Admission to Western is selective. Cumulative academic achievement is the most important factor in the application review process. Level and difficulty of courses, grade trends, school and community involvement, special talents, strength of character, and personal circumstances are also considered. All applicants should complete foundation coursework in English, humanities, mathematics, natural/physical sciences and social sciences.

Our Admissions Committee believes that potential is measured by more than grades and test scores. When filling out the application for admission, applicants are encouraged to help the Admissions Committee get to know them better by responding to the relevant essay questions and including an activities list or resume, if requested.

We recommend you review all application instructions prior to submitting your application for admission.

First-Year Students

First-year students are those who have not enrolled in any college course work after completing their high school or secondary schooling. 

First-year applicants must complete secondary school and earn an appropriate secondary certification or pass an appropriate external exam. Grades should be above average and course selection must include preparatory study in humanities, mathematics, natural sciences, and social sciences.

Students who are completing an International High School Completion (IHSC) program and earning an associate degree in Washington state (including Associate in Arts DTA, Associate in Arts and Sciences DTA, Associate in Science – Transfer or MRP transfer degrees) should apply as transfer students and submit their official community college transcripts. IHSC applicants who are not completing their associate degree will be required to submit all secondary school transcripts with certified English translations if necessary.


Transfer students are those who enroll in college courses after completing their high school or secondary schooling graduation.

University or college transfer students from outside the United States must have earned the equivalent of a “B” average in study at a Ministry of Education recognized or accredited post-secondary institution to be considered for admission. All transfer applicants applying with fewer than 40 transferable quarter (27 semester) college credits must also submit their official secondary school credentials with certified English translations when necessary. For transfer applicants, academic coursework and experiences related to one's academic area of interest may further strengthen the application.


Prospective students are considered post-baccalaureate applicants if they have successfully completed a bachelor's degree and are looking to attend Western to enhance their previous academic background or to secure a second undergraduate degree. 


Students who have successfully obtained a bachelor's degree and are looking to further their education by securing a master's degree are considered graduate students. Prospective graduate students should visit the Graduate School to learn more about graduate admission standards.